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Hydrogel Screen Protector Cut to Size for any Phone


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Hydrogel Screen Protector Cut to Size

Hydrogel Screen Protector Cut to Size. Nano Technology Gel Screen Protector. Hydrogel Screen Protectors are the newest screen protectors on the market. Please ensure you enter all details about your phone to ensure we cut the correct size for your phone.

  • Shock Proof Nano Technology.
  • Easy to Install with minimal bubbles.
  • Suitable for flat and the best option for curved screens.

For multiple types and sizes, choose your options, add to cart and enter new options.

Click here if you are looking for Tablet Hydrogel Screen Protection.

Finish Options

  • High Definition
  • Frosted Matte
  • Anti-Blu ray
  • Antibacterial

Additional Options

  • Case Friendly Option – If your phone case wraps around the front screen, we cut the screen protector a bit narrower so that the case doesn’t push the sides of the protector up off the phone.


How to install?

Hydrogel Screen Protector Installation

The Hydrogel Screen Protector consists of 4 layers. Only 1 of which is the screen protector. Following the instructions ensures proper use of the screen protector.

  1. Remove any protectors on the screen, new phones often come with a thin plastic protector that will need to be removed.
  2. Using the Wet & Dry Wipes, clean the screen until spotless.
  3. Remove the white layer from the protector, be sure the next layer remains intact (the second layer is in 2 pieces and cut in the middle.)
  4. Place the exposed two half protectors over your phone until you align it correctly.
  5. Peel back one half of all 3 layers back to the half way split, and pull back the half protector so that the gel screen is now touching your screen, using a Credit Card or Plastic scraper, push the gel protector down against the phone, pushing the half layer out.
  6. Repeat this process with the other half.
  7. You can now run your card/scraper up and down the screen protector to get any excess bubbles out.
  8. Remove the top layer and you’re done!

Please note the Camera Lens will not have a 2 half sheets as in step 4, this will be a whole layer.

Wholesale Quantity Discount

If you are a Wholesale User, we have discounts based on quantity in your cart. To register a wholesale account Click Here.

  • 10 – 20 = 3% Discount
  • 21- 30 = 5% Discount
  • 31 – 50 = 12% Discount
  • 51 – 80 = 20% Discount
  • 81 > = 30% Discount

All phone screens included including

  • Xiaomi Screen Protectors
  • Redmi Screen Protectors
  • Apple Screen Protectors
  • Huawei Screen Protectors
  • Honor Screen Protectors
  • Samsun Screen Protectors
  • Oppo Screen Protectors
  • Vivo Screen Protectors
  • LG Screen Protectors
  • MeiZu Screen Protectors
  • ZTE Screen Protectors
  • Sony Screen Protectors
  • OnePlus Screen Protectors
  • Lenovo Screen Protectors
  • Nokia Screen Protectors
  • Google Screen Protectors
  • Motorola Screen Protectors
  • 360 Screen Protectors
  • Accent Screen Protectors
  • ADVAN Screen Protectors
  • AGM Screen Protectors
  • Alcatel Screen Protectors
  • Altice Screen Protectors
  • Asus Screen Protectors
  • Blackview Screen Protectors
  • BLU Screen Protectors
  • Bphone Screen Protectors
  • BQ Screen Protectors
  • CAT Screen Protectors
  • Cherry Screen Protectors
  • BlackBerry Screen Protectors
  • NUBIA Screen Protectors
  • Ktuch Screen Protectors
  • Coolpad Screen Protectors
  • Aux Screen Protectors
  • Smartisan Screen Protectors
  • DaXian Screen Protectors
  • Doova Screen Protectors
  • Gee Screen Protectors
  • Haier Screen Protectors
  • Microsoft Screen Protectors
  • Vodafone Screen Protectors
  • Sharp Screen Protectors
  • Philips Screen Protectors
  • Kodak Screen Protectors
  • & Hundreds More

Additional information


High Definition, Frosted Matte, Anti-Blu ray, Anti-Bacteria


Front, Back, Front & Side, Back & Side, Camera

Case Friendly

Yes, No

2 reviews for Hydrogel Screen Protector Cut to Size for any Phone

  1. Beverly Ann Gupit (verified owner)

    Got an anti-blu ray font screen protector for my Oppo reno2z and it fits perfectly well. To anyone getting this, follow the video in the descriptions.

  2. John Baars (verified owner)

    Awesome product..Hi def is great! HOWEVER
    Make sure you watch the video
    Especially if you have not done one before. Dont bother reading instructions lol..

    • phone-parts

      Thanks, John! We definitely recommend everyone watches the video first as there is definitely a knack to it. Once you know it you are sorted. We also provide instructions with a QR code with every protector along with an applicator tool.

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